Building ​information ​modeling

Bombard Electric offers end-to-end building information modeling services to ensure high quality and accurate services. By creating 3D models of all the HVAC, electrical and plumbing paths and connections in a building, we can effectively manage coordination between the various disciplines.

Our BIM services include:

  • 4th dimension. We show critical status and slack period information for all disciplines, including HVAC, electrical and plumbing.
  • Extraction of project information. We extract material specifications and quantities, time schedules, cost estimation and area charts to facilitate building lifecycle management.
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation. We avoid costly errors and provide cost-effective design coordination by conducting clash detection. This process resolves and removes internal conflicts before construction activities begin.
  • Creation of libraries. Our intelligent libraries are parametric families of various MEP components of building. This centralized library of components, including ducts, electrical symbols and piping, can be used across many projects.
  • Energy simulation. We can help you analyze design alternatives to improve the energy efficient of your project without impacting cost effectiveness and thermal comfort. We can also help evaluate lighting effects and intensity.
  • Construction documents. We can extract HVAC, electrical and plumbing 2D drawings from our 3D models.