Bombard Electric has a company-wide goal of zero injuries and accidents on every job we perform. Through constant reiteration of our safety procedures, immediate response to all unsafe acts and positive reinforcement of safe behavior, we are highly successful in reducing high-risk activities.

We recognize that safety is the most important aspect of our business. We owe it to both our customers and our employees to maintain the highest standards when it comes to safe working conditions and methods.

Our safety committee is comprised of top-level management from all divisions, who work closely with our safety director and consultants to review and update policies and procedures with the goal of attaining the highest possible level of safety performance.

Our safety programs and activities include:

  • Full-time safety director.
  • Industry safety manual.
  • Daily safety meetings.
  • Weekly safety audits.
  • Pre-job meetings.
  • Progressive disciplinary policy.
  • Drug testing.
  • Test for cause.
  • Accident and near-miss investigations.
  • Safety training, including new hire orientation.
  • Yearly foreman appraisals tied to safety performance.
  • Project safety analysis, a pre-job assessment of known or predictable hazards.
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